ACA Library Artist's Book Collection

The SCAD Library in Atlanta includes a permier collection of over 2,100 artists' books. Artists' books are works of art that experiment with the potential of the book. The genre includes immense diversity in shape, medium, and content. SCAD's collection contains unique works by individual artists as well as small editions and items from fine arts presses. The collection is unusual in its variety; it includes works from more than 1,000 artists and has a deep holding of books ranging from the 1960s through contemporary works. An especially unique aspect of SCAD's collection is the group of Nexus Press books, which is the largest of its kind. Nexus Press was a fine arts press in Atlanta that was in production from 1973-2003.

The value of the SCAD collection was recognized early in 2008 by the receipt of a grant from The Halle Foundation. This grant funded a student exchange with a prominent fine arts university, Braunschweig University of the Arts, in Germany and an exhibition of the collection.

The library hosts an annual Artist's Book Symposium which includes lectures, presentations, and workshops related to the study of book arts. In conjunction with the symposium, the library holds an annual Student Artist's Book Competition. Participating students have the opportunity to win one of three purchase prizes and be entered into the permanent collection.

SCAD's philosophy has always been that the Artist's Book collection is a teaching collection. The library offers subject specific classes each quarter to a wide variety of majors. Students, faculty, and the public can make appointments to visit the collection, handle the items, and in doing so gain inspiration for their own creative projects.

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